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Turning Paris Trucks into Calibers

I should have bought caliber trucks to mount my motor, but got paris before I knew calibers existed. Should/can I just file off some area of my paris trucks to give it the square shape to mount my motor? If not, is anyone interested in buying a very new pair of Black/Gold Paris V2 trucks for $45 + free shipping?

@link5505 I think you would need to add material as well as remove some. It seems easy enough to sell these and get some calibers, although I appreciate the DIY spirit of attempting to convert them!

You can use the Paris truck
What motor mount you have ?

Let’s see some pictures I might be interested

Better keep that paris truck and or retuned it or sell it. It’s not worthed to shape the hanger, you cant get it perfect and it will end up into more cost and effort. You only need one caliber 2 trucks anyway.

don’t have a motor mount.

You can make one or buy one like this: product/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-with-drive-wheel-kit/ and install it in those truck.

Just do not shave material from the truck to make it square. The truck will be useless if you take off that much out if it.