Turning the lil blue dial

Have a 10s charger. But no more 10s batteries. Have a 12s pack sitting here.can can I turn the lil blue dial to get it up to 12s voltage? I turned it a little to see if the volatge changes and it does. But no further . not till I get an answer.20181129_220816_HDR

It’s likely it will only turn so far – about 270 degrees. I doubt you’ll get to 12S voltage. In theory, if you can get it to 50.4V, it should work. Just do the world a favor and if it doesn’t work, SET IT BACK to 42.0V when you’re done so some poor fool that finds that charger 5 years from now doesn’t burn down a building.


Of course I will get it back to 42. Just wanted to make sure I didnt have to change any of the hardware if I could put it to a higher voltage

Only went up bout 2v. Turned it back to 42. Called it a day


Expert level mod: remove the resistor, use volt meter to measure resistance, Find new resistor:

R_new = R_old*50.4/42

See if explodes.


Only if you live in a single floor dwelling containing only your family LoL

If you’re on the 9th floor of a high-rise, don’t do this.


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