Two batteries helpppppppp

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It’s a dual wheel motor setup. The board is made in China. The battery doesn’t last long enough so I’m going to just buy one and add another one. I’ve found the same one which has a charging port wired to it. So I’ll just have two charging ports and charge them separate. No big deal there. I just don’t know how to safely wire them to the esc separately so I can just plug in the loop key and just use one battery until it dies, pull that loop key out, then plug it in for the other battery and keep on riding? Thanks a lot!!!

If it’s the same, 10s3p u can wire them like this… One sec gotta find the packs

Where the 3 come to one the terminals need to be soldered

These are what I used for my 1st time riding lol… now I have a giant pack… 10s10p

Just connect both batteries in parallel. Then you will have one big battery

So wiring these batteries together into one connection won’t hurt the esc? But when I charge them I don’t have a battery charger that displays how much voltage I’m putting into each battery.

Make sure the voltage is the same for all packs before you parallel connect them. :grinning:

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So this is how I was going to do it. Two loop keys separating the batteries. The charger I got would have to charge them separate. Does this look correct? What kind of connectors would I need? Two anti spark connections? What else am I missing?

Or one loop key after the serial connection and treat it as one pack of 2p. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would you have to charge them separate? Which charger is it?

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In the diagram, you cannot insert both loopkeys unless the battery voltages are the same. It’s better to use one loopkey so they stay the same all the time.

I would only use one loop key at a time, run one battery down, then insert loop key in other connection and run the other battery down. I don’t have a fancy charger to tell me the voltage of each pack and I don’t want to buy one. I have a charger that tells me by a little light that the battery is full.

Which charger do you have? Do your batteries have a BMS?

Because what you want to do is likely to connect them in parallel all the time.

Unfortunately, the diagram above is great for burning buildings down by accident.

The skateboard is the skate bolt. You can find it on amazon. Both batteries have a BMS each in the pack.

How can it when both batteries are being separated with loop keys? Both have bms’s. Both are being ran as separate entities. Both will be charged separate. Not following what you’re saying.