Two battery packs: 12s1p + 12s3p = 12s3p in parallel?

Guys sorry about noob question but I would highly appreciate if someone could enlighten me if it Is even possible to run two battery packs with two bms’s together in parallel?

BATTERY PACK nr1: 18650 12s1p battery pack + 60amp bms + battery status display + antispark switch + on/off button + charging socket. BATTERY PACK nr2: 18650 12s2p battery pack with 60amp bms and nothing else.

Can I connect these two batteries in parallel ?? Can I charge them both at the same time in parallel through the first battery pack ? How battery status would behave? Can it show battery status for both batteries ? or it is going to show status only for the first one ?

I am pretty sure you would have to charge them independently. I am not positive but I don’t think you could charge from BMS # 1 downstream through BMS #2. As the batteries have different VOLT/AMP values its probably not good to run them in parallel. I am pretty sure you could run 2 like battery packs in parallel. You could wire up a volt meter to show both packs together, assuming you can find one that supports the VOLTS/AMPS you will have, but the existing pack, assuming its connected to BMS #1 will only show the Voltage/Percentage of that pack.

Pics would be helpful.