Two Maytech 6374 Sensored BLDC's, brand new, from the factory with issues

Something inside of these motors loses alignment, and the motors become hard to spin, in addition to making a clicking sound. However, it is intermittent. At the moment, they spin freely, but once they heat up, or- you just don’t know. Now, let me tell you the worst part- you could run these like this- they would run hot and they would draw a lot more current, robbing your power. So, in a lot of cases, Maytech is probably getting away with selling people motors that will only last a couple months.

I have attempted to return these to Maytech- they do not honor returns. They will just say something stupid when asked how to return the motor, like-

"So sorry for the late reply.

Our engineer is not in the office recently, I am waiting for his reply of the way to solder the cables.

Of this motor, here I attached a picture, you can take off the shrink tube on the wires, and solder the cable to the motor."

With a picture that doesn’t make any sense accompanying the email. I’ve been through the ringer with them. I should have known better when I attempted to cancel my order, and they said everything under the sun to get me not to. First they said coronavirus had no effect on their business, then they turned around and said it did. Shady, shady practices.

These are premium priced motors, and they are the worst quality that China puts out. Even the keyways are bad, and off by 2 10th’s of a mm! (too small, had to file the keys like a madman)

My Flipsky motors are almost $40 cheaper, each! And they are much better motors.

Don’t buy Maytech motors!

Any offers?


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how much do you want for them?