Two Medium TSG Pass Helmets for Sale (Bay Area)


I have a total of 3 TSG Helmets, but am selling off 2 of them today to help with a purchase. I have a Red and White One for sale, which I purchased new for $250 each, it was more after tax.

They are both size medium. The Red I did take a fall in, it was my first fall ever after riding for two years, so there is some cosmetic damage on it, but nothing too bad and it’s on one side. Easily covered with a few stickers. The white one however is in perfect condition. Both include original boxes, new unused visors they came with, and manuals.

I am located in the bay area, between Sac and SF, local sales only please.


Selling the Red one for $150, and the White for $200. Much appreciated if both were taken off my hands for $320

Any questions or comments, send em my way. Thank you


Not sure on these, $25?

  1. How old is each helmet?
  2. You might have a hard time selling the damaged one due to the fact you can’t see the damage/ foam compressed under the Shell. I understand you said it’s superficial. However if someone bought it to wear instead of no helmet…
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I bought em at the same time, around 3-4 months, I have 3, so I would wear a different one everytime

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@ItsJinvy hi Isaac .I would love to have the bindings of you could post them to Iceland :hugs:

Messaged on bindings

I will take the bindings from you!

Ebay UK 15% off, about to purchase a new TSG Pass for 130e. Dont know if I should spend anymore money

Someone please take both helmets for $300! And like 10 people want the Free Bord Bindings, I need a second on those. Thank you

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Make that 11 people lol

If all the first 10 drop out think of me jajaja

Free Bord Bindings SOLD!

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I’ll take the red for 75$ if it doesn’t look too bad. In San Fran.

Are you willing to go down on any of the prices and also will you ship?