Two single hub drive boards into one double?

Is it difficult to fit two single hub drive boards into one by placing each drive truck and hub at each end and opposite corners ? Also double up the batteries all fitted on to one of my 44" pintail boards ?

You can have diagonal hub motors and 2 batteries in parallel. Do you have a dual ESC or 2 single ESCs?

Two separate single ESC’s . Basically two fully working boards, I’m guessing from your question, I will need a dual ESC ? Ha, or use em as separate with a remote in each hand, with one in reverse lol.

you can use split ppm or canbus to control 2 vesc with one remote

Is it an actual VESC or one of those chinese substitutes? Not sure if the substitutes have ppm or canbus exposed conveniently. Most of the time each of them has a wireless receiver build into the PCB. Could probably try and splice the PPM [spoiler]PWM[/spoiler] from there?

If it’s a VESC you’re good to go. What boards are you combining into one?

If it is a Chinese esc you can solder 5 wires from each esc to the other. This allows them to communicate with each other you will then just have to pair on remote to both esc’s

Ancheer, ( cheap Chinese job. ) 350w motor, 29v battery.

Think outside the box here, what about having control over each motor separately by simply treating the setup as two separate systems, with two controllers ? Front drive set in reverse. They could be fixed so to be held together in one hand, then you have the control over when you want to use the front wheel drive for hill assistance or extra power when required, then when not used like just cruising on the flat, it could be regenerating the battery. Just a thought, are there 4x4 Esk8 setups for ‘part time’ 4x4 , or are they all set for full time 4x4 ?

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