Two single VESC's vs one dual VESC

I tried to search, but wasnt able to find anything too useful

Is there an advantage in buying a dual VESC over two individual single VESC’s?

For example, i’m looking at flipsky 4.2 dual vs flipsky 4.2 single. buying two singles is slightly cheaper than a dual. And has the flexibility to be reused separately for the future


try this dual motor vesc based esc

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^ if one dies you gotta backup

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not really, i’m using the flipsky dual 4.20, you can use it seperately. It just has a can bus on the pcb. However it came with the ppm wire on 1 vesc only, you can solder another one on the other vesc.

I meant in the future, I can gut this board and make two budget 1 motor boards, etc

usually dual escs are made are for dual motor, single deck, boards :laughing:

seems like you just need 2x focbox/vesc/fesc (an optional addition would be heatsinks which could (this depends on which one you buy, obviously) protect the ESC against dust and water :slight_smile: )

dual ESCs that are generally solid is the dual 6.6 from flipsky and unity, ive heard that a few others like the dual 4.2 from flipsky has some issues with overvoltage and other error readings

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I just burned up 1 vesc in a dual single board set up. I’m now hesitant to buy anything dual…

I kinda wish enertion would make an “un-unity” single just for these kind of shenanigans. I know this sounds stupid, anyone wanna call me out? I have a fancy 300$ esk8 paperweight id like to show you. Btw it’s not a burned up unity, another brand.


want to name the brand? lol

I want to avoid the ones that like to go pop :slight_smile:

I just discovered it last night. I still need to rule out operator shenanigans. Not trying to be coy.

If it makes you feel better or worse, I jacked up a single vesc6 once, but it was fixed.

Thanks for all the replies guys! :slight_smile: I’ll probably go for 2x single VESCS

Is size the only other advantage for getting a dual VESC? (Not even sure if they are physically smaller)

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I just discovered it last night. I still need to rule out operator shenanigans. Not trying to be coy.

If it makes you feel better or worse, I jacked up a single vesc6 once (operator error), but it was fixed thanks to @JohnnyMeduse :+1:

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This is where my knowledge tapers off, Im aware the the unity shares an MCU****(?)

As far as I know all the flipsky products are just 2 clustered together, which isnt necessarily a bad thing :slight_smile:

also if you plan on picking up the unity, I would do it soon. Jason said that there were only 20 or so units left

Heres a good thread for the FESC 6.6 Dual

and heres one for the dual focbox :wink: :

All said, I’d happily run roll on the unity when it comes out and I think they would be quick to make you whole again if you had a hardware malfunction on one side.

Size was the reason I went for dual on single pen board recently.

In my N of 12, I’ve burned one drv on an early 4.7 (8?) vesc, jacked up firmware on a vesc6 (my bad), and burned components off one side of a 6.x dual. So far, I’ve had zero issues with my two single focbox’s and they have seen more miles and higher amps on 10s and 12s with zero logged faults than all the rest.

Not a full throated endorsement of focbox, but it works for me. If delivery times for the unity are stupid, I’d happily buy two more singles.

I wish I can afford focboxes :’(

I am planning to get 2x single flipsy 4.2’s

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sounds like a great choice, as long as you stay below 35 battery amps per ESC, above that and the thermals tend to get out of control

to better manage them, look up ESC 4.2 cases :slight_smile:

I would but my laptop is going to die D:

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The dual 6.6 is more reliable than the singles based on the capacitance and other things, so they say.


while I would agree with that I might have to take my reccomendation of the 6.6 dual back as theres a thread currently where people are discussing a common* issue where half their unit is having bootloader issues o.O

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I contacted Flipsky and they responded quickly at least. I’m gonna see if reflashing the firmware fixes the problem. If so, it’s an easy fix.

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If you have tine i would go Unity…

big sale coming up and you can accept no substitute. By far and away the best 4.12 variant on the market.