Types of connectors

I was curious as to what type of battery connectors people have been using. I was originally planning to use xt60 connectors on my build until i realised that the Lipos i ordered online came with the larger xt90 connectors. Could i swap the xt90’s out for xt60’s? or is it unsafe.


Yeah, you can cut them off and solder on XT90…

Just make sure to keep them separate and solder one by one.

You don’t want pos/neg to touch and create a short = instant fire.

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I use xt60 work fine for up to 10s which is the highest I’ve used

I have an 8S system and I use Dean’s Ultra connectors. I like them because they are cheap and small, but they’ve held up well during the 70 miles I have on my first build.

5.5mm bullets on everything from the motors to the battery packs.