Typhoon 1.0, Calber II, 6374 170Kv, 10s2p, VESC

Hi everybody! I’m a total newbie, so I read a lot before posting. Actually it feels kind of strange hanging out on this forum, where everybody else seems to have a pretty good knowledge of the matter.

Cutting to the chase, after considering for a while buying an electric longboard, I decided it was worth trying what is going to be my first DIY ever. I don’t have any experience about building eskates, plus I live in Rome, Italy, a city and a nation where the electric skateboard community seems unknown. Therefore I’ll be receiving no help from anybody close. The only help I had was from an Italian User of this forum, who happens to have the only italian eskate online shop, so I ordered the components I needed from his shop and now I’m about to start the build. Since I don’t have any knowledge about electronic components, he offered to send me the battery, the remote and the VESC already programmed. I just have to assemble all the rest together.

All that being said, these are all the components I ordered. I’d appreciate any suggestion you guys have. At the moment I got only the board and the trucks. As soon as the other components arrive, I’ll start building and I’ll keep you posted. I’m hoping it won’'t be too difficult :sweat_smile:

Longboard - Xtensionboards Bomber Series Typhoon
2 x Caliber G II 184 mm Satin oro 50
Electric skateboard motor 6374 170Kv
ABEC 7 Bearings
Aluminium Spacers 8mm
10s2p Electric Skateboard Battery
Vesc Controller Motor mount “Double Carbon XXL”
HTD 5M 53 teeth Belt
HTD 5M 36 Teeth Nylon Carbon Wheel Pulley
HTD 5M Steel Motor Pulley
Nano Receiver
Angled riser pads
Electric Skateboard Wheels 97mm Black


What are you using for your controller

Looks like you’ve got the foundation for a solid build there - LOVE the deck! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you guys! I hope I’m gonna make it! :grinning:

@SyrusB you mean the remote? I’m using the Nano Receiver V2. This one to be precise…


Sorry I meant enclosure

About that…I’ll have to figure something out when I get all the components.

Hey, you’re not alone. There’s already at least 5 Italians here, me included (but I’m too noob to actually help you) @fedestanco is from Rome too!

@SirDiff wow! That’s good to know! Pretty reassuring actually! :smiley:

Hi Gianluca :smile:

I’m from Milan and I’m curious to know this Italian shop you were talking about… Btw your deck is awesome, I love it! I’m quite a noob, so the only thing I can help you with is eventual 3D printing stuff :slight_smile:

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. If you are still interested, the online shop I was referring to was this one

As for my project, I received yesterday all the remaining components and now I’m about to start building! So excited! :smiley::smiley:

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Thank you! I’ll give it a deep look :slight_smile: btw good luck with your board!


Hi guys, it’s been a while but I’m finally getting to complete my build. Basically it’s all done, except for the enclosure. A friend of mine is working on it, so for now I’ll have to stick with a temporary cardboard one. It’s not very good looking, still it allowed me to test the board and have a taste of what it’s like to ride an eskate.

All that being said, I wanted to share my feelings about riding my build as a total newbie. I knew perfectly it wasn’t going to be easy, but I didn’t expect it would be this difficult. I thought I had to work hard on my balance but now I think that’s not the harder part. Thing is, I didn’t expect that much power! I have to stand with my legs wide spread and bent to keep my balance and try to handle the power of either the acceleration or the brake. Also, the joystick of the remote control is very sensitive and I don’t seem to find an half way to get me going at a low stable speed. So I always end up accelerating a bit and then releasing the joystick. I guess I’ll have to work more on that. I’d like a kind of beginner mode but my vesc and remote have just two levels (low and high) and even the low level has a powerful torque. Same for the brakes. Plus today, at a ceratin point, having reached a good speed I panicked a bit so I pushed the joystick full down but the brakes didn’t work. I bumped into a parked car. I guess the vesc could be reprogrammed but I really don’t know how to do that, it came all programmed by @fottaz, from whom I purchased all the parts and by the way he turned out to be a great seller with a top notch customer service. Can anyone tell me if there might be an issue there ( braking fail / acceleration too strong) or it’s just these are infernal machines?! :joy:

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Heyy Gianluca!!! Very good to know you are almost ready. You should have + 70a Motor max and -70 motor Min…maybe Its too much! And about the remote, maybe there was an interference! I can’t Remember you remote version, 1 or 2?

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have you calibrated the remote in bldc tools? you should be able to just coast around at whatever speed you need to do so… if you are constantly accelerating and releasing you can’t enjoy the ride as much as you should :slight_smile: it’s very simple, just search youtube tutorials on vest programming and find a mini usb cable and you’re 95% set!

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You must full throttle and full brake the remote before riding. This will record the max/min PPM values for the remote and give you an actual throttle range. If you don’t do this the remote will think you’re max throttling or max braking with just the slightest change in PPM signal.

This is an issue with the nano-x and nano v2 remotes such as yours.

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Thanks so much guys for the quick response. All right, I guess I’ll have to follow your advices and reprogram my vesc in order to find a range and power that fits me. @fottaz @JamesNothing I have the v2. Assuming I’ll be able to reprogram my vesc again, which parameters I should set to get a smoother, sweeter ride? @Jinra indeed I have a nano v2, though I’m not sure what you meant by full throttle and full brake before riding. You mean every time before riding? Like, I turn on the board, turn on the remote, and full throttle then full brake before putting the board down and ride?

Yep you got it. You have to do it every time you turn on the remote, super annoying I know.


Didn’t know that, thanks @Jinra I always try my boards before going up, so full throttle and brake, so maybe that’s why never happened to me! :sweat_smile:

Try decreasing your motor max min, and keep what you prefer…go like +60 -60 maybe…

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