U.K. legality good news

Just wanted to share this from the esk8 UK forum on Facebook… from a guy called Mathew McLeod…

“Right guys you need to pay attention to this. What I’m doing is setting a precedent which can and should be used by all of us going forward. There is no guess work here, just fact.

Most of us know that Esk8’s are not legislated in the UK yet. That means that they are neither legal nor illegal. However, read on:

On 22nd Dec last year I was deliberately knocked off my board while using it on a road. The angry old fella ignored a Give Way junction and drove at me blaring his horn. I jumped off my board and he ran over my new Lacroix causing damage. I informed the Police and gave them an interview under caution. They then took a month to come back to me as they couldn’t get any info on legality.

Considering there is no current legislation for Esk8 use, they decided (and this is important) that by using the board on a public road and obeying traffic laws/rules of the road I was NOT committing an offence. The driver was then cautioned for a civil offence and reported to Traffic for a motoring offence. The Police gave me his insurance details and I am currently going through the process of claiming for damages to the board. The driver has to attend a Fitness To Drive course or face prosecution.

In summary, it is neither legal nor illegal to Esk8 as there isn’t any legislation yet. Ride like you would drive, use rights of way, speed limits, lights, hand signals, cycle ways, NO pavements etc. The Police suggested the use of cameras too. Common sense stuff. I have kept all of the communications from the Po Po so should any of you find yourselves in a similar situation, I’m happy to help.

If we’re not dicks about this, we may just come out smiling!”


Good to hear it. At least once that the police helps us


I would assume authorities would ignore the pain of the bigger question, esk8 legality and zone in on the specifics and treat it as the same had he been riding a penny farthing.

i.e. whatever vehicle the skater was on is neither here or there, given the driver chose to deliberately run down the esk8 and/or the rider. Regardless of the rider’s legal right to use the road it does not allow the driver the right to challenge another road user, there is no situation whereby you can do that legally unless you are using force to save someone’s life(e.g. combating a real terrorist).

i.e. they may press charges for assault with a vehicle, but in any case the insurance company should pay out unless they feel they may be on the tip of an iceberg and challenge that claim. That is more likely, insurance companies have a lot to lose from esk8 and very little to gain.

You still cannot get insurance cover for an esk8 anywhere as far as I know, it would all look like unmitigated risk. For instance if this was a car forum how many threads would you likely see with broken bones regularly happening, fires & general mayhem, no insurance companies no likey


Great information and actually mirrors what i have been told by my police friends in Aus. Neither legal nor illegal and if you adhere to the rules you are fine. Unfortunately this does mean you can’t ride it drunk which is a real let down jk One thing that is causing some issues though is the fact that as its not classified in any way then it could come under the pedestrian ruling. Apparently then you would technically be breaking the jay walking rules. That does not apply to uk though as I’m sure that pedestrians still have right of way on the roads. Might be worth checking though before some clever insurance lawyer does.

Is he on the forum as @mccloed ?

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Can’t be. @mccloed name is Matt not Mathew


Aint skateboarding on bike lanes legal?, are arent esk8 technically a skateboard? :rofl:

I was more referring to the “McLeod” versus “McLoed” but okay, that too LoLz :rofl:

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I’m pretty sure it was groundskeeper Willy


from a guy called Mathew McLeod

He probably from the Clan McLeod, is like 500 years and he is inmortal.



:point_up_2: This is me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: All others, not me. I’m not from the U.K.

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