U.S or other vendors will ship lithium battery pack to Hawaii

Guys! I really need your help! I’m from Hawaii been looking for vendors that will ship lithium battery pack to Hawaii. Emailed several of them and their reply “can’t ship lithium battery pack to Hawaii” what gives? If there are any Hawaii eboarder? Chip in. Need your expertise acquiring lithium battery 36v 10ah or lower. Pardon my grammar second language. Thanks!

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Maybe @Arzamenable knows a way.

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Thanks you! Already messaged him. He never replied yet. Hopefully, I find answers here because losing hope. I’m out of ideas. Maybe buying a moped second option.

Howdy. I lost my mind trying to find a legitimate way of shipping.

I have a 10s4p and 12s4p I had to leave with a buddy

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It’s nearly impossible to ship a completed pack unless sections are under 100 WHr. Beside that, there has to be at least one person on the island with access to a battery spot welder.

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Do you think buying whole Eboard it can be ship easier battery on it?

Im buying a 10s2p puck thats under 160wh for when i take my vacay to lihue… it’s technically allowed…

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Wow! Awesome! Where did you buy the battery?

They have it on diyeboard. I got my first pack from them and have been very satisfied with it. They may ship to hawaii…

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Thanks! Will check it out

Ho brah! I’m on Oahu and used alohaforwarding.com to get my battery from ownboard a few weeks ago. It took about 2 weeks total.

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There was a guy from Hawaii who got a kaly nyc board. So there need to be a way to ship batteries. Maybe @Kaly can say you how he shipped his boards there

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thank you! Andy87 and oahu_greg

I think found solution oahu_greg suggested alohaforwarding.com.

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Well I think some people ship stuff using normal companies without even telling its batteries inside.

But that is **ck move as you endangering them with dangerious goods.

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Hawaii is so beautiful but damn expensive to import stuff and everything is imported from the mainland lol

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Everything, here cost arm and leg😂

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I agree Kug3lis but battery pack im buying is from meepo stated: un38.3 passed safe.

Batteries can only be shipped by regular mail if part of a finish product and is located inside the product.

For stand alone product you need to comply with regulations of hazardous materials and use the appropriate shipping service with is accompanied fee. For IATA regulations go to this link

And guys please don’t speculate on how people ship stuff, gossip never helped anyone.

it is better to just ask your vendor and have that info on your invoice in case the goods get confiscated, this way you won’t loose your money.


@808Chopz Hey did this website actually work for you? I’m also trying to get a battery to Oahu but that site looks a little sketchy to me.

Oahu_greg, Hey bud I emailed them and called and left a message, waiting to hear back now, I’m trying to buy a assembled eboard from diyeboards.com. It would have the 10s5p battery installed. You think they’re gonna be able to forward that to me in Oahu?