UART module not working

I just got a new UART bluetooth from, I set PPM and UARt, Baud rate 115200, the module is blincking red when I turn on the Focbox but I just won’t find any bluetooth connections in the METR android app. In some video I saw the red light stays red and doesn’t blinck when turned on. Any advice how to check whether that module is working? Thank you

Metr needs its own dedicated module. Not a normal generic one. You have use another app.

It says to use with android METR app,

I will try a different one though

WHich one would you suggest?

Ackmaniac app

They have a different bluetooth module for that. This one is for metr app and the other one for arcmaniac… Unless I got the arcmaniac oneon accident… Any way to tell?

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Oh really? But as Rey said metr has its own module. You can try using ackmaniacs app, maybe it will work. If not contact eskating

Indeed I didn’t know eskating has the metr module. Should be the right one then. Do you have Android Oreo?

I’ve used eSk8 Vesc and eSk8 telemetrics apps

NO, I don’t have any of the new androids… What is the app called? Can’t find esk8 telemterics or esk8 VESC

Arcmaniac is a VESC firmware isn’t it? I would have to redo everything on my focboxes. Found VEsc tool, trying that

Wait before do that. If you bought metr module should work with it. I said that before because I know metr modules are locked to be uses with metr only. The module is a BLE module so you can test it with one of the app like BLE scanner. You should be able to detect your module. Anyhow to use ackmaniac app you don’t need to change your firmware on the VESC. That’s only if you want the full functionality from the app.

Yeah different app won’t find any connection either. Wherre do I find the arcmaniac app?

BLE scanner is to see if the problem is the module or what. If that doesn’t work, the ackmaniac app won’t work too. Anyhow You can find on Google play under the same name. It needs 9600 baud rate.

THank you… I tried BLE scanner, it doesn’t find anything…

Then I am afraid there is something wrog. BLE scanner should just detect the ble module. No matter baud rate ecc… Try to contact eskaing about it. If you get a refound and want a module I sell them fro cheap. I still have some. Check “check flea market for that”. I hope you can solve it.