[UK] £130 Mini Fiik's anyone?

Hello everyone,

Recently spoke to a guy who has a bunch of New In-Box mini Fiik’s. Not sure on the exact specs of these boards and I’m sure they’ll be underwhelming given what we’re used to, but they look fun. Given he’s selling them for the same price as a good VESC, I think I’m gonna get one or two for funsies, out of curiosity.

If anyone else wants me to pick one up for them I’m happy to see how many he has and ship them out :slight_smile:


How did he go from $495 to £130?

Not a clue. My guess is that he bought 10/20 units on Alibaba thinking he could flog them on, but in reality the market in Northern UK is so small that didn’t work and now he’s just salvaging back cost. Plus Mini Fiik’s are pretty old now, no-one will be paying £400+ for them. I imagine a realistic retail price would be like $300.

Hi, is he still selling?