UK based VESC supporting 12s for £110

Hi guys, as we know supply is painfully low for anything in the UK.

Came across this site selling VESC’s for £110, and they seem to be pretty heavy duty ones at that.

It states they are back ordered but are aiming for delivery in the next week.

Anyone think these will be worth a shot? Hopefully this helps someone :slight_smile:

saw those on ebay a few weeks back, they have a interesting split board design. all the fets on one side for a big heatsink.

If you try it let us know how it works. but since it takes a week might be cheaper to just order from ebay…

I bout my vesc from scramboards and it worked great no issues at all yet


Do you know if they offer a warranty in their VESCs? I could not see it on their website. What has their after sales been like?