UK battery repairs needed

Here is a thread I made about my pack not charging properly

And came to the conclusion that one of my parallel packs are dead (10s4p), is anyone able to fix my pack? I have the spare cells but not the capability to spot weld these new cells on. I’m in the UK Thanks

Pictures? Might be able to help you. UK where?

I’ll post some pictures when I’m home, I’m in Gloucstershire Basically one of the parallel groups just gives 0 volts so I assume they need replacing

The only person I know of for repairs there is @darkkevind. Maybe he can help if he isn’t to busy. I seen he was helping you trouble shoot in the other thread.

Where did you get the pack? Was the pack flex by the deck at all? If so maybe just a broken connection of even a loose bms wire, could be a home fixer if you’re prepared to take off the shrink wrap and take a look.

Got the pack made from @darkkevind who may be able to help me out again But the pack had 0 flex and was kept in a fibre glass enclosure, I’ve cracked open the heat shrink and found that one of the parallel packs is just giving 0 volts, checked the connection, which Is fine but the group is just shagged and needs replacing

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Yeah, it can happen if you get a bad cell from time to time… I’ve had one other battery do this and it’s just bad luck. It will take down all the other cells in its parallel group :confused:

Just send it to me and I’ll replace the bad cell group and repackage it :+1: