UK Build needing some help

Hi Im wanting to convert an MBS All Terrain longboard to electric. However i haven’t seen any builds of anyone else doing this to this board (only the wheels). Is there a reason nobody converts this board? should i consider something else?

I cannot find suitable pulleys for the wheels (i don’t have access to a 3d printer) and I’m struggling finding motor mounts for the trucks. Does anyone have a universal fitting motor mount that would work? Im very new to this.

The plan for the build is as follows

MBS All Terrain Board Dual out runner rear Motors (looking for recommendations if this board is suitable) Dual VESC (Need to find the best one available in UK. I have battery sorted already (10S4P Samsung R25 pack and 80A BMS) Need a suitable controller.

Thanks for help received.

Lots of people to MBS for electric. It’s very popular. It’s going to be expensive thought. So just be ready.

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What trucks are they…i just got pullys from Titoxd10001 that fit mbs ill let u know my wheels should be in this week i think u have paris trucks there is a uk shop that have mounts alien electric skateboards

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@ProtoBoards has some vesc from may tech before, now they are always out of stock but you can check if thry are back in stock. Alien is also a good choice too

Fits very well made for mbs

Korry does well made mounts