[UK] eBoosted Universal e-MTB (HS-11) Enclosure with Heatsink & Gasket

I have a spare HS-11 enclosure from Alan (eboards Peru / eBoosted). Expecting others are impatient and excitable as myself, I bought two together to save on Postage, and support the legend.

These take about 4-6 weeks to manufacture in the current climate, so anyone itching to get riding this is your lucky day. This enclosure is designed for the Trampa HS-11, but fits many other Mountainboards too.

It will hold a 12S4P 18650 Pack with plenty of space for VESCs.

This one contains a Dual Aluminum Heatsink and comes with rubber Gasket fitted, so brimming with the extras you may be looking for.

I paid $235 USD (£165) plus shipping. So hoping someone might come close to matching that.

Price £150 UK. + Delivery (Trampa Deck not included)

I would be happy to build the 12S4P Battery Pack for this if anyone was interested in that, I could offer this for an extra £400. Battery Pack Build is for UK buyers only.


Man I totally need one. Luckily a guy in the states bought 5 of them a while back. Hardships forced him to sell for much less.

Seems I’m not the only one that gets overexcited ordering esk8 gear. Lol

I intentionally bought two with the hope of building someone in need a battery pack and recovering some of my costs of hardware by time spent Spot Welding, so I am hoping to get something close to what I paid for it.

I am open to offers, especially if anyone wants it full of batteries and/or wants to collect it from Sussex, UK, as all of those things make it even more desirable for me.

I had considered building it into a full board and selling it complete, it’s gonna be pretty dreamy when it’s done, but it won’t stay in ‘New’ condition for very long after the wheels go on.