UK/EU - 90mm + 83mm wheels for sale REDUCED

In my struggle to buy wheels in the UK I ended up ordering a small batch of wheels

So. . . For sale. . .

Blue 83mm wheels and orange 90mm wheels for sale. Both 78a but ride a little harder. (see pictures)

£32.50 for the orange 90mm’s REDUCED £22.50 for the blue 83mm’s

Shipping - £3 for UK, £10 for EU

NQP In this batch of wheels there are some small surface air bubbles on the truck side only, and only on some wheels. particularly on the blues (I’ve pictures the worst one I could see). In no way interferes with use or appearance when on board. See pictures.

Please PM me :slight_smile:


What is this? You upgrading??? :anguished:

OMG Atenner after the 3 minutes and 8 seconds I spent helping you with your old 70mm wheels…

You do this!!! You’ve changed man :joy: :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

But seriously good move dude :+1:

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Can I ask where you ordered from? I am in need of wheels, but am in the US

Hope that helped and you get some soon :+1:t2:

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Much better :+1:t2: I had to upgrade the woodscrews :ok_hand:t2:

I felt sad taking them out lol :joy:

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Orders posted :+1:t2:

Still sets left, price reduced a little

Need to measure what I have but how well do the orange ride. Think I need to go bigger but not sure what I already have. Lol

Been riding great :+1:t2: I thought about 97mm but I thought they would be too big unless I used big risers. Yeah I’ve been clocking up the miles and they’re rolling fine.

Posted @mattfink

Got any 90mm left @atenner?

Yes @JonathanLau1983 PM me :+1:t2:

Posted @JonathanLau1983

You too made a small order directly from a chinese factory ??? xD

I was after a couple of sets and they were hard to find in the uk for a decent price. Really liking mine as I was on 70mm before :+1:t2:

Hay dude, any of those 90’s left?

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Yes mate, I’ll bring them with me next week. Will your MTB be ready ??

Sweet!!! Want to try 90’s over 80mm orangs for a bit more speed. @Idea hooked me up a new pulley. Mountain board you say??? Same man hooked me up there to

Maybe … more likely the weekend tbh, waiting for connectors and heatshrink

Kk, looking forward to a test run on the mtb. Will bring them with me tomorrow :+1:t2:

Only a couple of 90’s left, reduced 83’s price to £22.50