[UK/EU] 90mm urethane wheels £30

I think most have them with the kingpin nuts facing out. Glad the mount is holding up, I was tempted for £8

By the way have you checked out the ‘Uk-esk8’ Facebook page :+1:t2:

Sign me up :v: PM details ? Seems to be a private group :smiley:

Just request invite on the page :+1:t2:

Done, are you a Mod?

No I’m not but Alex will accept your request :+1:t2:

a few sets left. Feedback from wheels has been really good :+1:t2:

@zeah @atenner I’ve got my pulleys :hugs:

Ah nice, I’ve not yet :confused: they good ? The price dropped back down again so I bought another one. Pictures :+1:t2:

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Ohhh poor you. As for quality - sh*te but you get what you pay for haha. The black coating is comming off as soon as you touch it. Feels soolid but ascetics are horrible.

Also no screws for bolts - well I guess I’ll get some decent quality ones myself. Any idea of size ? M6? M4?

I hope they work fine. Also got two 250 mm belts where listing said 250 and 260 so I’m not happy. Neutral feedback will be left at least, I’ll see if I need longer belt when I get home with it.

:joy: oh dear. I prefer silver anyway :thinking: You can get your money back. Easily, they will have to pay for return shipping (which they obviously won’t do as it’s from china) so you’ll get two free pulleys. Start a not as described claim on eBay and upload that picture. If mine turn up like that I will be.

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My guess will be m5 but take one to your local hardware shop and they’ll tell you

I’ll measure it once home :wink: as for claim - I’ll def do it for belt reason. As for pulleys, I looked closer on the stolen pics ( there is a guy here who’s pics they have taken and undercutting him in therms of price ) they have on their listing and there is a bit of chip comming off as well. So it’s to be expected…

Maybe I should put them in washing mashine with some small pebbles to “sand them down” of this coating? It’s comming off anyway. Washing machine on drying settings and put them in sealed bag;)

You might find soaking them in nail varnish remover (acetone) will do the job?

@bigben great idea, non invasive ! I shall give it a try :wink:

Wow!! That sucks… Mine was shipped 3 days ago. I´ll let you guys know when arrives.

@MontPierre did you not receive the motor pulley? I think the screws are M6. This is the item description

Package Included: ● 36 T Drive Wheel Pulley designed for Flywheel Style Longboard Wheels ● 15 T Motor Pulley with 8 mm bore for motor shaft and Four Set Screws for maximum security ● Retainer/washer for bolts ● 255 mm long belt HTD 5 M ● 265 mm long belt HTD 5 M ● x6 M6 Allen Head Screws

Sorry, I wasn’t been specific earlier. I have got everything as described apart of 265 belt missing( two 250 in the package). I’m just getting home and I’ll see if 250 belt is enough and then I can have my first ride on my board - super excited :smiley::tada::tada:

I hope the 250 belt is enough so you can have that first ride. Good luck man!!

Who is he and is he shipping to germany?

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