[UK/EU] Evolve Bamboo GT

Its done about 300 Miles. The motor controller was recently replaced by evolve UK, and the rest of the board cleaned & cleared. The battery should have under 100 Cycles, however the remote indicates 3754 Charging cycles which is impossible, but given the condition of the board and lack of any depreciation in range, under 100 cycles is a high estimate. Bought in 2016, Only used for a few months before it was just kept on my wall (Battery was charged once weekly keeping it between 80~20% for most of this time. This could account for some of the cycles).

  • Street kit
  • R1 Remote
  • Evolve charger/box/t tool etc.

Would rather ship within the UK, I’m not sure how shipping large batteries in the EU Works. £700 OBO

Could we get a couple photos of the board? Thanks

He posted an album. Click and scroll down

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Still on sale. I can’t list it on ebay, so just trying all other platforms