[UK/EU] Flipsky VX1 & Mini 2.4ghz Remotes for sale

Hey all, I am selling some remotes to test the waters for opening a proper parts shop in the UK (Am working on a more “production” version of the upgraded mini remote)

Everything comes with a 6 Month warranty from the UK, please let me know if anything goes wrong! (Please be careful to setup the remotes correctly. Plugging in the receivers incorrectly will fry them and isnt covered by warranty. Water damage is also not covered, however water resistance is built into the remotes).

Postage within the UK Is free - Small charges apply to post to the rest of the EU. First class is used, so you should get the remotes within a couple days.

While I work on a webshop, paypal/btc is accepted directly or through my Ebay store I think you can use other payment methods.

At the moment, I am just selling 2 remotes.

VAT included in the UK Prices Direct from flipsky, the VX1 is £49 + Shipping

Flipsky VX1 UART Remote & Receiver 850Mah Version £48 GBP

  • 3 Speed modes
  • Built in cruise control
  • 2.4Ghz band
  • Small & compact
  • Battery indicator (6, 7, 8, 10 & 12S)
  • ABS + Plastidip, soft touch and grippy to the hand.
  • Wrist strap attached.


Mini 2.4Ghz Remote £24 GBP / €22.25 EUR

  • Strong 2.4ghz connection
  • Needs batteries, but duracell lithium ones have been known to last upwards of 6 months.
  • Trigger style
  • Simple, cheap and easy.


Small discount on Ebay. I’ve also got some parts for my “mini plus” remote - I’ll try to get more information out soon

Bump, going to be completing my webshop within a week and will move off of the forums.