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[UK][EU] New and Used parts: Flat battery pack, ESCs, hub motors

Hello! We have some leftover stock as we prototype our new boards (you can see those on our website as well). This is mostly new but we also have some lightly used parts if you’re looking for a bargain (message us directly for these as the prices are only for new on the website).

Here is the link to our website.


no offence, but your prices seems a little bit too high. new Paris trucks are around 35€ and you can get 10s2p 30Q battery from wowgo for 197€ with free shipping. good luck!

You should sell the enclosure as a part, this could interested many people !

Good luck with your shop :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback, always appreciated! The battery pack we sell was designed by us to be 1 cell thick, as we couldn’t find these readily available in any of the existing companies. For the Paris trucks, we’re negotiating lower prices with the company as we grow our stock but for now it is a little high.

We’re figuring out the production of the case and planning to sell full builds! For now it’s pretty labour intensive, so the price wouldn’t be worth it for anyone

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Bumping this in case anyone needs some goods while bored in quarantine! We can still ship around UK and EU :slight_smile: DM for bulk prices

I’m after a 36V dual VESC. Would have any used kicking about?

We have dual ESCs from Hobbywing, have a look: These are new but I’ve also got some used that I can swap out if you want :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I’ve a DIY build that’s behaving very oddly and I’m thinking that it’s probably the pair of RC car ESCs that are the issue. What are you prepared to sell the used ones for? On a budget you see, as it’s less painful when things go pop/fizzle. Ta! Edd

I’ll take this to private messages so we can negotiate :slight_smile: