[UK/EU] Nickel strip 8mm x 0.15mm (everything else sold)

8mm x .15 pure nickel strip

£15 for 250g (20 meters per 250g), (750g available)


Pmd you 10 char

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Interested in the wheels they are 12mm or 8?

They are meant for 12mm. I do have some 8mm Wheels and hubs. I’ll dig em out.

pm pm pm pm now :smiley:

Wheels SOLD

What are the specs on the BMS’s ?

For bypass :+1:t2:

Features: Over charge voltage test: VCU 4.25V ±0.05V (4.20-4.35V // each 0.05V per step) Over charge voltage resume: VCD 4.10-4.00V Over discharge voltage test: VDD2.50V ±0.1V (2.5-3.0V // each 0.05V per step) Over discharge voltage resume: VDU 2.80V ±0.V1 Operating current: ≤300UA Short circuit protection: 40A±3A Short circuit protection duration: 500MS Temperature protection: 55 / 65 / 75 degree Typical output current: 30A Max. output current: 45A Balance voltage for single cell:4.19V ±0.02V Balance current for single cell:≤ 55MA Charging current:≤10A

Trampaboard sold. I will be adding pictures of a trampaboard (SHORT) also for sale soon.

New board and pictures added :+1:t2:

Price dropped on the first trampa. A bargain for a nearly new trampaboard WITH PICTURED PULLEYS AND HARDWARE

Amazed this board hasn’t gone. Last bump then it’s going on ebay :+1:t2:

Very good price. Would have bought it if 16 ply…I was too late when I saw the offer :s

@atenner Hallo… my weight is around 92kg / 202lb… Do you think that 15 ply is to soft ??

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Hi I think 15 would be ok, just. I have a 16 ply deck you can have instead. I don’t mind which I have. I’m 72kg so 15ply is probably better anyway :+1:t2:


Added a few pictures and cleaned up post. Last few items for sale. Happy customers for every board/item I’ve sold :+1:t2:

Focboxes sold

im in the UK, price for that complete deck (red wheeled, 16 ply deck)?

That one is sold (the one in the comments). The ones I have left are up top. The 15ply is hardly any different to the 16ply. Well for me it wasn’t (I’m just under 11st) :+1:t2:

Hi Witch of the 180 pound boards would you recommend if i was to convert it to a e-board? i’m 95kg