[UK/EU] Nickel strip 8mm x 0.15mm (everything else sold)


To be honest the 3 boards I have will not be best suited for the 95kg range. If you look at the above chart, a 16 or 17 ply long deck will be the best option for you. :+1:t2: I did have a 16 long but it has sold now. I have a 15 long but like I said I believe you may be better with a 16ply or 17ply.

ainda disponível? envia brasil não?

could you please write in english? I´ve seen a few other posts from you - so please use english only!

não é possível,tarzanbk…acho que só eu uso tradutor… it is not possible, tarzanbk … just use translator alone …

I think it would be better if you used the translator to translate to English, since the everyone here speaks English even tho its not their main langue

@isqueromeroderviz Penso que seria melhor se você usasse o tradutor para traduzir para Inglês, já que todos aqui falam inglês, mesmo que não seja sua língua principal

@Acido this is a google auto translation of your wise words in portuguese :joy:


¬¬ eu tinha compreendido,estava/estou traduzindo agora…relax. finally send to Brazil now that I translate for English? certainly only reino unido?

Is the nickel pure nickel not plated


Can you send me a private message. I could send to Brazil. I’ll look into postage.


Yes pure nickel. I have done the usual tests on it and it welds fine. :+1:t2:

Interested in the Trampa MTB 15ply, How easy would it be to convert to an Eboard?

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Only one short trampa board left :+1:t2:


Only pure nickel strip left :+1:t2:

How much for the strip

I do still have it. You can have the lot for £20 if you like