[UK/EU] remotes and trampa stuff

I have a few bits that might be of use for someone. I’m in the UK. Most items are ‘make me an offer’ price/you cover postage as I’m not going to be using any of it.

APS 6374 170kv Motor 10mm shaft NEW + free motor pulley. SOLD

Pure Nickel strip 8mm x 0.15mm - 10 meters/250g for £12.50 (30 meters/750g left)

Raptor 2 hub motor. SOLD

Tyres 200x50 SOLD

Mountainboard decks, one with bindings. SOLD

Trampa boxes (2x small ones and 1 large one)

imageimage Ps. I cannot believe how much they charge for these :open_mouth:

Vesc 6 Mount SOLD

Remote (£free, I’ve never used it, I cannot vouch for its quality, use at your own risk etc etc.)

Remote with 3d print case


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I am interested in the faulty hub motor

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Since the mountain decks are probably only going to the UK what price are you looking for?

Postage is quite reasonable to the EU, but yes UK or EU. All 3 decks are quite beat up. So just a bit for packaging. £10 plus postage each ?

The hub motor is gone I think, my quickest sale lol 30 seconds. with 3 people in line :+1:t2:


I’m interested in one of those trampa decks. PM

APS motor added

Boards have sold :+1:t2: