Uk/EU, Wanted complete board

Hey guys fairly new to the game, started of with a cheap wowgo and moved onto a slick revolution urban cruiser. nice board but just haven’t have enough power for me, find myself riding it maxed out all the time and it’s super sluggish up any hill. I don’t have a huge budget 600/900 really. After something with some power, speed and toque are my main concern. I know I can’t really afford most of the builds I see on here quite yet, ether an old build or a used off the shelf I’ll look at anything you guys have in mind. I really don’t have the know how to build so it’s not really an option for me. Just message me with anything you’ve got. Really appreciate it. (if this is in the wrong place let me know) I live fairly close to London (Windsor), I can pick up or we can sort postage out if its further afield.