Uk focbox for sale never used SOLD THANKS

Hi I have a new never used focbox I bought a couple in a gb but only need one now so it’s up for sale I’m in uk so if u want one there’s no vat all I want is what I payed whitch is £130 + postage plz be aware thus is pounds not euro thanks

What’s the shipping to Sweden?

I think 130 euro may be a little too much. You can get an 100% new one from street-wing, for only 117 euro

Not in uk

that’s with out shipping

Il have a look one second Economy £4.10 Or Guaranteed £8.10

Also its in pounds sterling not euros sorry

117€? How? I want one for that price

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Same 10char Here u go!

That dosnt include tax or shipping plz see the screen shot that’s with tax but not shipping with shipping comes to around 145.somthing pounds not €. Also in relation to new Ness I bought these in a group buy with David banner (street wing)

Ahhh, sorry about that:) I just read one place here that they were 117 euro!

Well to be fair with the 10% coupon they end up to be 136.80£ shipped - not sure how they are able to do that when you paid 130 in the same GB they got them from.

Not sure unless he’s not making much on them mine would work out the same may be a little cheaper will lower to £120.00 +postage