[UK] Focbox, remote, charger & truck for sale


Been a while since i was on here. I’ve missed it but life changes, I’m moving places, need to get rid of some parts to make moving easier! Open to EU shipping but would prefer UK purely for hassle. Flexible on price :slight_smile:

I have for sale:

  • Barely used Focbox, maybe 10 miles on it
  • Completely unused torqueboards replica truck (I ordered two and only used one)
  • LiPo charger, up to 4s.
  • Generic RCtrigger remote & receiver, forgotten what brand. Never had a problem it, no dropoffs. Maybe hobbyking?


How much for focbox? :slight_smile:

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How much for the trucks in uk

Not sure how much these go for these days. £100 with shipping?

@Halbj613 To be clear, its just 1 truck! £20 with shipping?

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Ah ok then I don’t need it unless I can get both

Is that Focbox still available by chance ?

Ive had no response yet so i think its only fair!

Sorry for not respinding, @VANFORMER can take it!

Thanks @Tinp123, really appreciate it. @Bazingazunga how much were you after for the Focbox ? Im also based out of Sydney Australia, happy to cover shipping costs =)