[UK, London] looking for spot welder in central london / group buy VTC6 closed

Hi , I’m in London and will order 30 cells for a new 10S3P pack (VTC6) https://eu.nkon.nl/sony-us18650vtc6.html price can drop to 3.89€ if we buy 100. is someone interested ?

do you have any plan for a good spot welder in London. I made my first battery Pack in the London Hackspace but it was a cheap spot welder and the quality was not good



I might be interested in 20-40, will let you know soon)

Hmmm I’m interested as well :wink: I have some decent lipos now and no sag, or very little. Has anyone got any experience with those cells ?

Have you considered 30Q? Much cheaper and similar performance

@darkkevind does spot welding. I’m sure he would give us a decent pice :yum:

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Haha! Yeah sure :wink:

30Q is rated 15A https://eu.nkon.nl/samsung-inr-18650-30q-3000mah.html VTC6 rated 30A https://eu.nkon.nl/sony-us18650vtc6.html

I know that it is only manufacturer data but a lot of people are really happy with this VTC6 …

Have you compared them all with my tool @sayreul ?


I wonder if you really need 90A discharge? Which motor(s) are you running?

I use a dual hub maytech , so I don’t need , but il will buy carvon V4 and need high discharge I use this website to compare http://lygte-info.dk/review/batteries2012/Common18650comparator.php

The most I’m pulling at the moment with single 6374 is approx 45A or so, on lipos rated 30A constant 40 peak. It is motor current and battery current goes up to 15A max. I’m not getting huge sag so my lipos are doing well then :wink: and that’s only 10S.

the thing is that there is always a difference between manufacturer data and reality. it is why I would prefer to do my next pack with the best cell as possible

for 30 units. : the 30Q is at 3.49€ the VT6C is at 4.25€

for a 10S3P pack, the difference is just 23 €. if the cell is better, I 'm ok to pay a little more

the Max charge current seems to be 6A instead of 4 or 5 A, this is better for regen & brake (18A max, 9 per VESC)

@sayreul I posted about these cells a week ago, seems like they are not as good as they seem.

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yes, I have read your topic. it seems that they are not as good as the manufacturer said , but they seems as good as Q30 or a little better …

For a bit higher current applications, the VTC6s might be a slightly better fit than the 30qs

anyone interested ? I think I will order tomorrow

@sayreul I might order also but need a day or two to research cells, I don’t want to rush and get something I won’t be happy with :disappointed:

@sayreul have you looked at LG HG2’s?

Hi, but compared to VTC6 on this website , they are less efficient


ok, keep me informed, you can check this website to compare cells. http://lygte-info.dk/review/batteries2012/Common18650comparator.php

i have spent hours to compare cells and VTC6 is not the cheapest , but it is a really good product if you need 3000mAh


Thanks !

I’ll take my time, I don’t want to hold you up, go ahead with purchase. I’m still happy with my lipos and I will have to dive down into lions myself and that will take couple of weeks at least.

i have just made my order .

If someone have a good plan for welder in central london , will try to do it in one week / next week end

@sayreul What cells do you have now?

One board with LiPO and one with 10s3p LG HE4 but the new pack will replace this one

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