UK MEMBER ? | Introduce yourself here! :)

Hey everyone!

My names Dan (Many people know me by my surname; BEARE) I’m 30 & Live in Southampton (South East England)

I’ve wanted to build my own eBoard for quite a few years now & after lurking in the shadows of forums such as this one, I finally feel like I have enough time to get started!

I will be splitting my time between eBoard building & other boring jobs such as fixing cars, looking for a new job & renovating my Bungalow! :confused: So the build process may be slow but I believe over time & after a few builds I will be able to design & build one of the best eBoards available!

For my 1st Build I would like to use a Double Kicktail Longboard & dual drive motors so that I have great maneuverability and the power to get up the many hills in my area! After that I would like to build a custom Carbon deck and incorporate many other unique ideas & tech!

I really want eBoards to kick off here in the UK so if we can all come together via this amazing forum that would be great! I hope that this thread can help us achieve the 1st step & get to know each other! …our names, where we live, where we ride & our eboard master plans! :slight_smile:


gareth london, wimbledon, near the tennis. ride to and from work in Fulham, then ride my streets at night and weekends. want to ride more in town but no time for that atm.

master plan: build one without killing myself. build a reliable commuter that will manage our roads & pavements. i push best on a 2" drop deck so want to replace that. build an awesome pintail carver for weekend fun. i like the pintail design, think it’s classic boarding, and also like the flex of my Winterstick. so now have to figure out how to make it electric, so i can carve for longer and further!

and that’s me :wink:

haha Nice! :smiley: Sounds like a good plan! :nerd:

I can’t wait to get my board built & I think your right about the roads here in the UK; they suck! lol

I’m sure after my 1st build I will see lots of required improvements & I bet many will relate to the ruff ride through the UK’s uneven streets… I think many factors need to be considered to build a great board for the UK but i’m looking foward to it & i’m sure the UK esk8 builders are on it too! :smiley:

What’s up :flag_gb: ?! :slight_smile:

Name’s Alexander as you probably guessed, currently based down in Brighton and have a Raptor on order.

Current “master plan” just involves installing some 75a Abec 11 flywheels w/Swiss Ceramics.

I’m alex and from Cumbria have this sofar

All custom make even the motor mount. Using lipo but looking at building a li-ion 18650 6s5p.



I’m Jake, based in South London

Masterplan complete this build - Mark I

Currently waiting on parts :confused: I’ll get there soon!

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I’m 29 from London, software developer, I have this build atm. I live under Canary Wharf in the Isle of Dogs and the Thames path there, the one on North Greenwich side, in Victoria’s Park and the cycle route between Blackfriars and Temple are my favourite spots to ride on.

London seems the place to be for e.boarders in the UK so far! :slight_smile: I will definitely be keeping a close eye on everyone’s builds! :smiley:

Who else is out there? Anyone down South of England?

I live in Windsor, Berkshire, 40 and about to start building my first eboard. I have been lurking on this forum for a few months gathering information to plan my build. I was going to build a street board but I have decided to get on the mountain board train as I enjoy snowboarding and look forward to just riding over everything in my way…

Should have all the parts arriving in the next month so I’ll start a build thread when everything starts to arrive.

EliWSeiei (EWS) Bath, student of the University, originated from Hong Kong Plan: make a board so that I can travel up and down the hill to preventing bus queues.

Just came across this thread, thought I’d introduce myself.

I live in the far far, far, far, north of Scotland, about 20 miles from John ‘O Groats. If anyone fancy’s going on an epic Lands End to John O’ Groats ride I’d be happy to meet you up here :smiley:

I’m currently riding a Trampa/E-Toxx eMTB, but hoping to build a street board in the near future.

I work as a software developer for a (much loved ) telecommunication’s company :slight_smile:

Yo man, what style trucks are they? They look at lot more paris-y than caliber-y. I ask because im desp for a paris style mount! If you made you’re own maybe you could help? :pray:

I live in West London, work in Bracknell. I’ve got the typical 6S single drive DIY job.

Currently riding around Bracknell at lunch times, and weekends and evenings around London.

Jack, 27 from Leicester here!

Currently rolling around on this:

Planning a second already with a Loaded Vanguard…


Alright they are just cheap trucks which have 4 flat sides but I have just brought some caliber trucks to change to. I’m sure if you can get hold of a 3D file for Paris truck could help you defiantly as I could 3D print you something and you just copy and make out of metal which is what I did. Or can try and see if there is any group buys happening.

Hey! I’m Jonny from Farnham, Surrey.

I’ve ridden with @Alexander a couple of times in Brighton, but I agree we all need to meet up at some point. I ride a single motor 6S DIY Lush Machine 3D… but I’m now making a sort of home-brew Boosted Board, using a Flex 3 Vanguard deck with the same single 6S setup with new enclosures from @oriol360 :smiling_imp:

I had no idea there were so many UK peeps on here! :sunglasses:

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I have been thinking of starting a facebook group for up esk8te would people be interested.


Yo! Facebook sounds like a good idea! i’d be in on that. I’ve got a load of parts on order for a Dual Drive (VESC’s) on a Lush Grifter 3D.

this is my 1st build, hopefully of many.

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Ok here is it share and join will add people when invited so please invite any friends that may be interested.

Hi, Doug here from sunny Ipswich.

I’ve just started collecting parts and hope to have my build finished after Christmas.

I have two questions for the UK crew.

  1. where do you choose to source your motors and VESC from? Are there any uk suppliers that hold stock?

  2. Has anyone ever had a brush with the law? Technically your board will be illegal if over 500w. I really doubt the average bobby is clued up enough to realise but it will be something that comes to a head as they get more popular.