UK MEMBER ? | Introduce yourself here! :)

I have motors available if you need to buy any :slight_smile:

But you do not have 6374 motor?

Nice! We have quite a few people on this thread now which is great! I will definitely join the Facebook group but I won’t be able to tag along to any events just yet…

I have the same questions as Dougy! Haha But maybe they should be the start of a new Topic? :slight_smile: (A cheap local VESC would be nice as I need 2!)

A couple of my friends are police officers & I can almost guarantee they wont have a clue what an eboard is if I asked them. lol

Hey Guys I’m Chigzy from Walsall / Birmingham. Would be ace to meet up with some eboarders in the future. No one around me has them and getting kinda annoyed with the solo rides now :frowning:

Hey y’all ! 33 yr old from the northwest here. 99% finished my mountainboard build … then winter starts. Always been a fair weather biker and unfortunately im gonna be a fair weather boarder too. Will keep popping on here from time to time to stay in the loop (until decent weather returns, then no doubt i’ll be back on full time)

I’m not going to worry too much about the law tbh … how is a local bobby going to know it isnt over 500w if thats what you tell him it is. ‘Its only illegal if you get caught’ :wink:

Join the fb group I created can make it easier to make group meets where in the northwest.

Im not a big facebooker tbh mate, im of the opinion the world would be a better place without it. I do still pop on occasionally though so if i remember next time im on, i will :slight_smile: cheers

Yea no problem I know what you mean though just find it convenient for groups like this as some time quicker on there but will try and keep bother pages updated

Hi Doug!

  1. Check out AlienPowerSystem. They’re based in Liverpool, have decent motors, really good mounts but their communication is patchy. If stuff is in stock it gets dispatched quickly, though.

1b) Enertion sell the best motors in my eyes and they’ve just announced a brand new VESC, they have a new European warehouse that they will be shipping from soon I believe. Their motors are 190kv so you’ll need to be running at least 8S to get decent performance.

  1. No brushes with the law, I’ve been riding my board in Portsmouth, Brighton and locally here in Farnham with no issues. To be honest, I rarely see any Police as they’re so over-stretched these days dealing with actual crimes. I wouldn’t worry about it, I don’t - but I always ride with public etiquette, meaning I won’t go blasting through a group of pedestrians at 15MPH, for example, it’s just not cool. If you go slowly, you’re more likely to spark a conversation about the board and people tend to either get excited about wanting one or just call you ‘lazy’ for riding an electric skateboard, haha!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Feel free to join and share the page.

Hello fellow Brits,

Sam, 24, Essex (please don’t judge me for me it)

Just recently graduated in Mech Eng and needed a project to keep me occupied whilst deciding what career I want to pursue. So what better then an e-skate! Got 90% of the parts just waiting for gearing system. Also planning on making a video of the project so it could take a while to finish everything.

Any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

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Hi guys, Kevin, 37 from Southend in Essex.

Here’s what I’m rolling around on at the moment, custom build including the motor mount.

Here’s my blog of my complete build:

Be good to know anyone else in the area to meet up for rides. Gonna change mine up or make another board with larger wheels, maybe off-road.


Hi, I’m Vince. Based in East Sussex, just acquiring parts for my first build. I run a fibreglass company, so going to knock up a carbon deck with honeycomb core. Also going to re build my vacuum forming setup for enclosures etc, so if anyone wants anything or materials let me know!


Also, @darkkevind; I was chatting to you through facebook; sorry I never came back to you about buying a setup; decided to go the full diy route. Your build on your blog is great, very informative and well written!

Ah yes. You decided to go the DIY route then.

I’d definitely be interested in a couple of enclosures!

@Vincecoleman what material do you vacuum form with? ABS?

Yep. It’s much more cost effective than moulding carbon or grp on one off jobs. And vacuum forming is cool!

Cool. I prefer ABS anyway as it’s easy to work with.:relaxed:

Hey Vince, do you machine your own bucks? I’m currently using 3D printed enclosures but I’m tempted to switch to Vacuum formed ones.