UK MEMBER ? | Introduce yourself here! :)

I used to live in Dumfries quite near u I think what’s riding up there like also what set up u using

In the town I’m in is very bumpy but ok. I have a build log on here some where but custom deck wth car esc and 245kv motor and 6s4p li ion

Anyone from Nottingham?


Iv only ever used lipo but was looking into building some 10000 mah 10s packs or 18650 cells to simular spec not sure also what’s it like for hills where u are I’m in the pennines and everywhere u go is up hill

Yea not very hilly here where I use my board but it does sag a little In voltage

Are there any E skaters in Preston Lancashire? I am keen to try one out to motivate my personal build. Ideally someone with a mountainboard. Please make contact.

Thanks Mark

Leeds here :slight_smile:

The flat tarmac’d canals are beautiful to skate on!

Hi , Birmingham here! emtb and eskb.

Hi! UK rider looking for advice on riding around the type of pavement we have with AT wheels (anything smaller doesnt’ cut it). Just awaiting the ‘new post’ button to be enabled :slight_smile:

Bigger softer wheels! I am using abec 11 flywheels 97mm. They’re the best I’ve tried but some people go all out and get pneumatics.


anybody in London with a battery spot welder i can borrow, going to hacker space is 1 hour away for me !

I’m looking into possibly buying the Slick Revolution Rough Stuff wheels or MBS All Terrains mainly because they are big & look cool :rofl: Although I am still trying to compare reviews from people who have tested them 1st hand!.. I also need to find the cheapest suppliers for the UK as they are bloody expensive! :disappointed_relieved: Maybe a group UK buy could be a solution??

I will keep you updated if I find any useful info!

Hey UK eSk8 Builders! Glad to see the UK groups growing & everybody progressing with their builds! :sunglasses:

If you haven’t already then I highly recommend you to join other eSk8 Builders on the following map!!! :upside_down_face:

See you there! :wink:


I’m Colin and I’m 21 and from Manchester. Currently riding around on my leafboard to get to and from uni easier.

Looking to build my own board as 72mm wheels don’t quite do it all the time on some of our roads.

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I’m Aurimas and I am 24. I am originally from Lithuania, but at the moment living in Central London. You can hear & see me every morning in queens walk next to the Thames :smiley:

any builders here in Aberdeen? Spotted someone with a DIY board last nite.

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YES,ME! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But it was not me on the board. Work in Stavanger during the week

Yo man, how goes am a member in Aberdeen. Haven’t seen any one else on esk8 here yet my dad saw someone last week on an esk8 out in beildside. Do you manage to get out for a blast on board much?


almost every day at least twice (weather dependent) funny if possible I try and get in 2 hours a day these make the horrific surfaces almost fun

sounds like there might just be enough of us here come summer to have a group ride :slight_smile: