UK Motor Mounts - Where they at?

Hi guys, I’ve recently got involved with this community, and I’m super hyped to complete my own board! But I’m a student, living in a student house. I don’t have a workshop, garage, or access to any machines (yes I’ve tried the university)

Where is anyone in the UK getting motor mounts from? I’m aware of alien power systems, but it’s expensive and soon adds up. Thing is I know I can save like £100 simply by sourcing my own motor mount and drive kit (belts, pulleys, etc) and obviously a student so every penny helps! :joy:

Any options would be great, and i’ll be cheeky and add if someone who knows how to use a cnc and fancies a one off job :yum:


Made my own out of a 10mm block of aluminium and thinner plate of steel with just basic drill and hacksaw and a file.

You got any pictures or anything? It all helps, something like that would work perfect for me

By no means does it look nice but it functions great.

Looks great to me haha! Function over form for sure on a budget.

Thanks for the swift reply man, dont suppose you have any designs or anything i could use? Or did you just measure your own stuff.

Sorry to bombard with questions, I’m eager to get involved :wink:

I 3D printed my design first then copied if of that onto the metal so I could send a 3D file but would need something to read it and tell you the measurements. Or there are some online of other mounts.

Try this guy - Dicky:

He sells kits with motors, dual motors, just mounts etc etc. He’s super helpful on email and will knock 10% off dealing outside ebay. Postage is fast from China too.


Now thats a cracking deal! Wish i saw that before i order some other stuff hahaha, will definitely use that for my neext build though, good find cheers man

how did you cut out that mount out the part that hold onto the trucks