[UK] - N.E.S.E Complete Modules 6P x 12

Hi everyone,

I’ve got some brand new N.E.S.E modules for sale (6p). I was going to use them for my 12s6p build but I didn’t have space. Decided to weld my batteries instead.

They’re brand new. Never used/hooked up. I doubt I’ll be using them so I may aswell sell them!

Product description can be found here. Remember it’s a 6P option! https://18650.lt/index.php/product/n-e-s-e-module/

From the site they’re €131.40 (£113.64). Looking for £90 + postage. Can be shipped immediately.

Thanks, Daniel

IMG_20190420_104903 IMG_20190420_104859 IMG_20190420_104854


you should include pictures. make sure to include any wear marks. most people will ignore this without pics


He says they are brand new but yeah it helps to post pics of what you have

I’ll edit the post so that it includes pictures but yeah, they’re brand new

Photos added

Look virgin to me, GLWS

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Cheers bro. I took them out of the box, placed them on my board and said “£&#@, no space…” then put them back in the box :smile:

Oh, I did put the gold plus/minus on them aswell because I couldn’t tell which way the cells would need to go!

Other than that, brand spanking new!

I’ve updated the price. Wanting £90 + postage now. Need them gone!