[UK] New LG HG2 - Better & Cheaper then 30Qs

A local vape shop closed down and I was able to grab some cells from the owners. I have plenty of spares, so I’m selling them off here. If you’d like to trade something for these, let me know as I’m looking for a few bits

90 LG HG2 Cells - £2.50 Each (Fogstar wholesale = ~£3.55 Each, 30Qs are ~£2.70 each from FS)

Pictures of the HG2: 20190418_161213 20190418_161121 20190418_161203 !

Shipping from the UK. The HG2s are in sets of 4, sealed in packets (8 have been unsealed), I plan to ship in padded envelopes which are stacked in a box with bubble wrap around that.

I will prioritise people who might want to buy more of them, because obviously I don’t want to make too many trips to the post depot :slight_smile: (Parcelforce shipped because batteries)

Can I ask why you bought these when you can get them from fogstar wholesale uk for cheaper?

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You can? :I Which ones? I tried to research the prices they should be really cheap?

Can you link the cheaper cells?


My bad, I’ll update the prices. You can’t really find them on google

Okay well the 30Qs are cheaper from me and so are the SANYO cells, fogstar wholesale does not include taxes unless you go to checkout.

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Ok recommend that you post this on other local based sites too

I hate to be annoying, but where do you mean? I kind of need to sell to you guys because I have a broken leg, so I can’t go to the post box 10 times a day selling single cells to vapers




Usually local pick up

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I should add that I am looking for a few bits so will trade these for something too*

Cut prices :slight_smile:

What are you looking for?

£2.95 per cell which should be super cheap :slight_smile: I dont think there is a cheaper source, anywhere

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I mean for trade

E Lofty DD, A hobbywing ESC, A built battery and a few other bits. Nothing too expensive though

bump! Could really use some direct drive money rn :smiley:

Bump, still selling :I

You’re selling undesirable, unknown origin cells for pennies less than reputable stores.

You might need to give it in buddy.

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So you’re saying they’re not authentic, and where is selling them for pennies more?

How are HG2 cells undesirable?

That cell hasnt been used much for like 2 years because of the 30q