Uk parts for sale - SOLD

Flipsky VESC 4.12 £35 9 XT90 connectors 1 Xt90S with loopkey part presoldered Spare Bestech hcx d345b £60 (10s 60a eswitch) Spare used 260 by 15mm belts (postage price) Tricky part because all parts too cheap to individually sell I’m going to bundle the essentials all builders should have into a package for a good price 1.7 rolls of electrical tape 50mm wide 1.7 rolls of 50mm fiberglass tape (expensive stuff) 1 roll 20m kapton tape Neoprene 4mm thick 60mm heatshrink (200 length) 180mm heatshrink in thick clear, thin clear and blue 300 length 8mm tube heatshrink 600mm 4mm tube 600mm 20 guage charging wire 2m black 10 guage red wire 400mm 100 positive fishpaper insulators 2.5 noon fishpaper sheets(100wide 300 long) Battery trays and holder All lengths estimated £20

Message for pics or more details

Reason for sale? And how did you build the battery

I used Kevin darks format adding fibreglass reinforcement to parralel groups and fishpaper series insulation and balance tab insulation. Flexible connections with kapton over the ends to ensure balance cables aren’t rubbed. Neoprene padding under the BMS (safe to 260C) and some thick heatshrink which is so sturdy you could almost make a compression pack with it. Not yet compressed. Oh and electrical tape across the middle for structure. I used a sunko spot welder

I’m selling up because I was hoping to replace a bus pass with these parts. Half new half used and almost made a £300 20 mile folder commuter. But with the charger breaking ruining my chances of my own compact battery I’m giving up the ghost

Include where you are located please

edit Ah, its in the header, nvm

I put it there when you said it :slight_smile:

how does a 10S3P pack fit on a penny board? Should have been an amazing ride.

Just get a 30€ charger instead of giving in and losing on the sale. 10S chargers can be had even cheaper than that when you’re fine with low amps.

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Yeah I can give you a charger for practically free if you need

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No I need a 4.2V charger to give the BMS a little push start. I didn’t ride it on the penny haha thought that would just look funny plus it’s easier to store. The vesc’s and battery are new but tested

Sent you a PM @Newby regarding some stuff :slight_smile: I have to admit its a bit sad that you’re giving up, so close.

why do you need a 4.2V charger? The BMS takes 42V and takes care of the difference between packs by itself. You could even hook it up to 42V without the BMS if you wanted to to - BMSs are nice to have but not crucial. you’re using quality cells so don’t worry.

And while we’re at it: 0.1V is not much - just ignore it and charge the pack to full voltage.

I am trying to prevent you from a stupid mistake that you’ll regret later on. You are so close!


I use one of these for P group charging (get a few mega cheap!)

EDIT: btw I really like how people are trying to help you complete rather than low ball and profit :slight_smile:

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Yeah I agree your giving up early, but if you need the money… Then you need the money

Maybe I can rent the spot welder? I just want to complete my battery asap and then complete my spot welder later. Just want a working board now :joy:

Shit should have used that. Running out of time though as I’m moving to halls. This battery was never for my build I was looking to sell it

Same situation but I still want to build at uni, where are you going?

When the cells close to a 0.05V gap it gets warm meaning in balance. And it’s dangerous to run a battery like that as it can’t be left to charge overnight etc. I guess the BMS would stop charging because it can detect overcharge so I would still get 99% capacity, but it is not my time yet. This isn’t my final attempt, I will be back with an 11s2p 8ah 20700 pack and 6355 jet spud or similar. But it is not my time. I appreciate all the help guys but for now this is a money thing. I’ll still be on the forums though

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Swansea bro where you at? I don’t have the confidence to rock an eskate in lectures so was looking for something that folds into a bag like a linksy haha

Liverpool :slight_smile:

Pretty far apart, I know a good friend from Cardiff though :slight_smile:

What do you think about this?

0.05V is nothing and the balancing only starts at the end of the charge. So once you are at the balancing stage and have only 0.05V diffeence between packs that would mean your pack is full. Just ride it then!

Peer pressure :smiley: