UK parts & kit Sale:

£250 kit: battery, ESC and drive chain 6s2p 18650 with bms and charger (parallel cable included)

1:8 model car fvt ESC (fan removed but still here)(programmer will be provided) 200kv 1:3 drive + wheel combo (2 belts included)(riser not included)

£140 maytech vesc x2 £100 UNIK deck enclosure + 31"deck

Bearings 6809ZZ x2 £30 Each 6809VV x2 £35 Each 6810VV x2 £40 Each

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Hi, sent you a pm

I’ll take the Unit enclosure.

Are the Maytech VESC’s used? And if so, how many miles are on them?

3 full charge Around 297km at most

I’d prefer selling the board and the enclosure together

Ok I understand. I’d be happy to meet you half-way and offer £75 for both. I could use this deck for my dead Landwheel parts.

Sent you a pm