UK Parts Wanted for Full Build, Motor, FOCBOX, etc

Putting my first build together with a Loaded Tesseract deck, single motor. I’m in the UK so parts anywhere in the EU should be fine. Details and parts list here; Happy with new or used good condition.

The main things I’m looking for are;

Motor - 6374, 190Kv, sensored


Motor mount, pully, belt, 12 / 15mm (no 3D prints)

Nano remote

I assume I need some sort of BMS and charger, but haven’t done much research on this yet. I will build a 10s 18650 battery.


New from here?


You aint sure you need some sort of bms and you are going to build a batt pack?? Not judging. Just want you to be sure. Battery welding is dangerous. Be careful

Got a Sk3 6364 brand new but undergoing silicone wire mod