UK Pulley System?

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a good pulley system that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to ship over. I’m liking the HTD-5 parts from but they don’t have wheel pulleys (I’m looking to get 83mm flywheels). Does anyone have a link that they know will work and is reputable? Ideally looking to get 15/36 12mm set (5mm pitch)



I think Evolve might be your best bet…

also check out protoboards:

I use their mount, belts and motor pulley and they are good, for the wheel pulley you should check somewhere else or you could get a 3d printed one (3dhubs/shapeways).

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Hey @Youssless I have 15/36 pulleys 12mm, 83mm flywheels too.


Ciao Franceeee :slight_smile:

You never know @ajaynagra might have some left over from his group buy?

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Thanks! Grabbed a pulley system from you. Bit pricey but I’m growing impatient and want to start building ASAP.


Thanks Youssef! order received! I will add other shipping methods in future, to get lower shipping costs. Alberto