Uk Trampa Offset Megastar wheels with Gummies/40t pulley used once

I’ve decided to sell my Trampa Gummie wheel set . They are built up with offset Megastar rims and also have 44t pulleys attached . I’ve used them on one 8 mile street ride in the dry so they are almost like new . The complete set cost me over £300 Uk pounds . I’m looking for £250 ovbo posted in the UK I Can ship over seas but would want a contribution to shipping cost .

I’d also consider a trade plus cash my way for a new/mint condition

I’m located in Bristol if you want to collect

set of TB110mm wheels in blue and 40t bolt through pulleys if you have them .

Hey :slight_smile:

are your wheels still available ?

Hi ,Josh ,a friend of mine was going to have them but he only wanted the wheels without gummies.I would prefer to sell complete. If you were looking to buy them as a complete set I’d be interested in selling . Are you uk based ?

Hi, unfortunately i am based in Canada.

Hi I will find out what my mate wants to do this weekend and also find out a shipping quote for you if your defo interested . Could I have your full address and could you lay it out as if it was on a postage label . Probably be about £35 I would think ,may be less so if you wanted them I would help out on the shipping and pay the £15 so it would mean a total of £270 uk pounds . Let me know if this sounds ok to you before I start getting quotes .

for that price i can directly get what i want from Trampa sorry.

How much did you think you were going to pay then as I had advertised them for £250 with free shipping in the uk or a split if overseas ?