UK Truncated tesseract dual 6355 10s graphene Lipo popocas for sale

Up for grabs is my latest build. I find the deck a little short for me so I’m building a Landyachtz Evo. Here’s the build in a little more detail.

I’d like to sell as a complete but would consider selling the deck, enclosure and power pack inc bms as a unit. Then I can build up the raptor deck from secret Santa with the drivetrain. I’ve not used it much so it could be considered nearly new. 3 cycles on the battery and wheels still shiny. It’s super quick fun little board. Set up with 15 tooth 32 at the moment so I’ve never been close to top speed. For the brave it should top 30mph. I’m based in Dorset UK.


How do you charge this? I see you have a bms for the battery - is it just a power brick?

Do I need to tension the belts, or is this not required on your system?

Will you include a remote?


Hi, Yes it has a bestech bms so charges with a charger and jack plug. I have a 4a charger with it and has a mini remote.

I am interested. How much?

how much for the dual 6355?

@Pavel I’m into this for over £1k so would listen to an offer of £850. Edit, forgot the costs of motors in this math!

Hi, I’m in the UK. I don’t want to break it up just yet unless someone wants the deck and battery pack/enclosure because this wouldn’t suit my next build.

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If you decide to sell it for parts, I’d take the wheels :slight_smile:

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I knew I’d forget something when calculating… Forgot motors in my calculations… well over £1100 build not including connectors and wire etc… oh well. Price still stands at £850.

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Damn man. If you part out I need that deck :slight_smile: (with enclosure if possible)

I like that one very much! Does the enclosure fit the Cantellated Tesseract? Can you tell me which motors, motor mounts, pulleys and belts you used? Trucks are 50° base?

PS: no offence, but you should think about using bushing that fits your weight and riding style instead of tighten the stock ones up that much. This would be the proper way to adjust your truck :slight_smile:

it was so beautiful :confused:

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Hi @Luuke, no offence taken. Mr seasonal postman has lost all trace of hard bushings… I need all the help I can get though. I have no local shop to talk to or no crew to mix and match what works and what doesn’t. So suggest away…

I pinged an email to Loaded a few weeks back to see if the two decks were made on a similar mould but they never got back to me. They do look a pretty similar shape. The trucks are 50’ base (calibers), the mounts are enertion clones, belts currently 12mm but have 15mm coming. 15mm steel pulleys bearing loctited to the shafts. Wheel pulleys are alien power systems 32 tooth aluminium.(15mm) Motors 6355mm unbranded but I think you’ll recognise them in quite a few of the esk8 vendors.

You could change to 44° for more high speed stability. Or try different bushings (duro and shape). But that’s up to you. Maybe @Alphamail can help you here:

Motors are 190KV unsensored?

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No it runs sensored foc. Thanks for the pointers!

Hi is it still up for sale ? Would you part it out ?

Hi, it’s long gone. I do have quite a lot of parts though. What do you need?

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What do you have? :smiley:

@taz Raptor 1 without battery. (Dead cells) 10s bestech charge/discharge bms. 12mm 36teeth pulleys. Abec and kegel. 97mm abecs 10s, 12s tiny bestech BMSs without balance! Enclosures for many boards. And my mind goes blank…


What types of enclosures do you have in stock atm ?