UK Truncated tesseract dual 6355 10s graphene Lipo popocas for sale

No stock but I have moulds for a lot of boards. I make them on demand… (a little after demand)

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Ben, why not make a list of the boards you make enclosures for?


As @taz already said a list of enclosures would be very helpful. With measurements and everything. So one could estimate which one to choose.

That would be greatly appreciated

Landyachtz Evo 39/falcon 40 single

Landyachtz 9two5 single and double

Landyachtz switchblade 36 single

Loaded Tesseracts single and double

Earthwing supermodel double

Tayto/spud single

Hummie decks single and double.

There are more in the offing but getting round to them when I can…


How much would you charge for a Tayto double ?

How much range do you need?

I`d like to have dual 6355s with quite a punch so i would think 10s4p ?

I have dual 6355 with 12s3p and they are quite scary on such a small deck.

IMO you do not need any more power in the Tayto but ofcourse your case might be different.


Hi, Sorry I don’t make a Tayto double.

oh, what is the range you are getting ?

Damn, is the spud DS enclosure compatible with the Tayto ?

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Yes. The one from @Eboosted should be.

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Approx 30km

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Wow that is more than i thought. Do you love the riding experience with that build ?. What would you Change if you started a build from Scratch with that form factor ? :slight_smile:

Yes it is :slight_smile:


Nothing really. The only things that I would (and I will) will change is the wheels (I have some 77a caguama on the way) to make the ride softer and some e-calibers so I can run 12 or 15mm belts.

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Awesome. Thanks for the Inspiration. I will probably have almost identical specs. Though i am aiming for a 10s4p build. I just need the range.

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You will have to get creative with the battery layout. I think a very good solution (possibly the only one) is to use the layout @eboosted used on his moonshine sidekick

Even if i would build it double stacked ?

Not in that case. If you can fit it in a single stack enclosure why go double stack?

For me the Tayto is a small deck that I chose to build it as light and portable as possible. There are a lot of better decks if you want to go for range, speed etc.

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