UK Truncated tesseract dual 6355 10s graphene Lipo popocas for sale

Do you think the 10s4p can fit in the single stack case ?. I got a Unity coming in sooner or later so i would use a 10s4p + Unity + Receiver + bms in there. Do you Maybe have a Picture of the interior size of the Tayto single stack enclosure ?

I believe you can fit it. It is going to be tight though and will require very careful wire management.

There are pictures at my thread and you can also find more if you do a search.

@bigben is also making an enclosure for the Tayto that may have more space available.

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Do you maybe know how high the single stack enclosure is from the deck to the roof inside of it ?

Not exactly but considering that I had to modify my battery to fit without a thick gasket, I would say approx. 20mm taking into account the concave of the deck



Thank you SO MUCH ! this is really helpful

This is a Tayto Single stack one Right ? :slight_smile:

Yes, the enclosure I made for our kids.


How much for the 10s bms bro?

£50 plus postage.