Uk used parts sale


2x battery lcd: £4 each.

4x 9mm 265 belts: £4 each…

I’m interssted in in a battery display and an Enertion mount, ideally the one with the locking nut

Pm’d 10 chars

PM Enertion trucks and motor mount

Pm’d 10 chars

Is it the dual idler mounts that aren’t exactly straight or were you referring to the enertion mounts?

Maby,It’s good Accessories;

Yeah the dual idle mounts they litterly just sold though!

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Sucks to suck. I need to be on this forum 24/7.

Lol yeah things gooo fast!! You missed out by 2 mins! Hasn’t payed yet though so will let you know!

Hey dude, pm me if you’re willing to ship international. Looking to get a wheel pulley and some of those belts if so.

How many belts you need? Where you located? The guy buying the wheel pulleys is making his mind up whether he wants them or not!

I’m in Canada. If he backs out on the pulleys, I’d buy one, and 2 belts. Edit: Are those 9mm pulleys or 12mm?

9mm pulleys and belts

Oh ok. Thanks.

What’s left has been updated above

Do the pulleys feet 83mm flywheels?

yes, thats what they are made for!

The pulleys have now sold all thats left is 4x 9mm belts and 2x lcd

A couple of those 9mm belts please