Um Kinda weird but.. Help Wrist related

Hey so I fell on my skateboard on at around 24mph and my wrist feels a bit weird, full movement but a shit ton of pain when I pull upwards, even when I pull my thumb up possibly a sprain? idk that’s why im asking you guys.

my fingers move fine but as soon as i pull up or pull or put pressure on my palm my wrist hurts a lot.

Most I can move my wrist back without any pain


should i go get it checked out?

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Get it checked out. Fractures and breaks don’t always swell up


cant move my wrist side to side without pain … the check that doctors usually do…

oh fuck…

There’s more than one way to check, you have a snuff box that if tender can indicate a navicular fracture. Sprains can hurt more than fracures, and vice versa. Get a splint and ice it, give it 3-5 days until swelling goes down and get it checked out.



I had a fall during downhill when i was im my teens. I had broken my wrist before. It hurt but it didn’t swell up or look deformed so I thought it was just a sprain. Turns out I shattered most the bones in the palm of my hand. Unfortunately I waited about months before going to the doctor. Ended up needing surgery


But I’m just a professional picture taker of human bones by trade, not a doctor


seems exactly like my case not deformed or swelling but hurts

IMG_20190205_125459 IMG_20190205_125453

My hand seems crocked??


That’s from swelling, hard to evaluate without palpating your hand and xrays to confirm suspicions.

Go to Walgreens or some medical store and get a wrist splint with thumb spica, ice it and elevate it. That’ll get the swelling down so you can distinguish the pain from swelling, or a break/tear. If you’re still worried about it after a couple days, go to the doc and get some xrays.

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Go to a doctor man. I did similar thing with my ankle. No swelling or bruising but hurt at certain things/points… i rode a motorcycle and played bball until 3 weeks later it still hurt. Yep, fractured. Ide say a week max if you wanna put it off. But just dont use it at all for a bit and if pains still there… get it checked

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Only reason I’m not saying go now, is because you’re on a forum asking for advice, if you were that worried about it, you’d already be at a facility getting it checked out


Actually at a hospital ER you can, you may have to wait for parental consent. At the ER you can come in as Joe Shmo and give them a fake name and birth day. They can’t refuse the right to see you. At your doctors office, that’s a different story.

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Agreed with @ninTHIENdo. If it were anybody random, I’d say go to the doctor. Personally all of my medical knowledge points to sprain and no discoloration means no immediate action needed. The same muscle that adducts your wrist that way controls your thumb laterally. Give it 3-5 days of rest, ice, compression, elevation and reevaluate


Gotta love R.I.C.E.

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Doesn’t fit phonetically but I would add 3 x (30 minutes ice, 30 minutes heat)

R. I. H. I. H. I. H. C. E.?


you mean give my parents a call? and im fine?

Most medical facilities will want a written consent, but some may take a phone call depending on who/the mood of the person taking the call is.

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Lavender oil mixed coconut oil should do the trick.


It could be a fracture on the scaphoideum. Its a tiny bone in the wrist that can cause the issues you have, some fractures are so small that they are hard to see on a x-ray. Bad news is that it takes forever to heal cuz there aint alot of blodflow there (or something like that). I broke mine 4 years ago with some other bones in the wrist. Its now secured with a screw that keeps the bone parts together (see my x-ray) Have it checked cuz you dont want it to heal incorretly and cause permanent damage.


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