Unbalanced cells (1 group of cells at 1v)

Hi guys, I have just come back after being away from my board for about 6 weeks. However when plugging it all back in the xt60 connector starts to burn and turn red. When I check my cells one parallel group of cells in my 10s3p pack is at 1V.

I have previously had to replace a group of cells in my pack due to them discharging more than others and causing the BMS to cut out while riding.

Any solutions would be much appreciated.


You’ll have to add lots of photos and descriptions to get help.

Screenshot_20190830-153919 Screenshot_20190830-153929

Are those nickel strips even welded to the cell?

Some connection probably broke and allowed your cells to drop. You should just replace the p pack and keep riding

Ok, thanks for the help. I’m gonna have a proper look at the pack. And remove those bad cells. I wanted to spot weld the cells but I was on a tight budget. Cheers

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I can’t reccomend welding your cells enough. I understand about keeping costs down, but when your pack shorts and you have to buy a whole new board… It doesn’t end up being cost effective :frowning:

I totally understand, all a bit of a rush as well doing my GCSE. Will definitely change it when I build another board in the future.

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