Unconsiderated cyclists

I made this wireless air horn that I keep on the outside pocket of knapsack. I also use a separate remote to toggle it because at the time i was using a remote with only 1 channel. I just got the ‘winning’ remote so need to try that second channel now. The horn is a little too big to mount on the bottom of my board. But its louder than most cars :wink:


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why didn’t OP shout “heads up” something to get the cyclist attention?

If you ride in NYC, yelling at people in the street is second nature. Sort of like yelling at people who stand to left on an escalator. Ha!

Sounds to me like he got his karma.

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Me likey Air Horns lol great freak out reactions lol

When I use to live in NYC …I had a Jeep Wrangler…I hooked up a PA and had farm animal sounds… Nothing like a loud MOoooooooooooooo to get people attention lol … Most people would just look around dazed and unsure they just heard a cow in the city…and would just laugh

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Haha yeah off camera me and my buddy left the horn in my knapsack and then walked away. Then when ppl passed that bench we would press the button. They would literally jump 5ft in the air!!! That could be our next youtube video lol

You need like a crying baby sound to draw them in … Lol don’t get me started lol

I live in Copenhagen and i’m pretty sure that yelling “watch out” would solve a lot of problems here.