Undecided | MBS all terrain | 190mm navigator drone | eBay 6364 | eBay mount chain drive | 10s 10ah | vesc 4.12

Took a few months, fried a drv chip, but it’s finally complete :slight_smile:

I wanted to achieve the cheapest setup with as big of a range as possible. I decided one motor would be best for price and range. Chain was for durability, as I plan on riding on the occasional trail (we’ll see how that goes). Originally I had the motor facing the outside, but it kept hitting the kingpin. Turned under the board the motor mount hits the deck under hard carving, but some risers should help with that. Since the trucks taper, I had to grind the spot where the motor mount attached.

Probably the quickest crappiest enclosure, but if it works, it works. It’s the box they shipped the batteries in, it’s cardboard and flips around so it opens and closes easily.

The batteries are lipos, one 4s 10ah one 6s 10ah in series. They charge separately with my imax b6. Pita, but cheap

Motor is an eBay 6364 at 245kv. At 10s, I go over the erpm for the vesc, but I’m geared for speed so I’ll likely never hit it. Gearing is 11t motor 32t wheel on 100mm wheels. Definitely a kick start board

upload your photos

upload your photos


How did you get to stick the cardboard enclosure under the deck? It’s my problem at the moment…

Old thread, but… You have 1 battery which is 4s and one on 6s? You can’t serie connect these batteries, unless you want to blow them up…

you can series connect them, not parallel. the “s” in 4s stands for “series”

My bad. I was reading wrong

where did you get the print to fit the sprocket to the wheel

I stuck a marker through 4 of the holes in the wheel :slight_smile: drawing on the sprocket on the other side. Drilled the holes. I also drilled two washers, one for the sprocket side and one for the outside. Then just bolted the whole setup together

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U could still mount backwards maybe if you cut the bolt down a little from the kingpin. That’s what I did and works fine

Hi , what is your vesc configuration if I may ask you