Under-Board Wire Ducting or Covers?

Hey guys so what im looking for is something to cover the wires that run from the headlights of my board to my enclosure so that there not just hanging out ready to be snagged. I was thinking about using some sort of wire clips that screw into my board to do so though I didnt think they would look very nice. If anybody has any ideas on some sort of ducting or small type of half tubing of some sort, please let me know! Picture below shows the wires im trying to cover.

I wrapped my wires in petg wire tube then a few dabs of hot glue to the board. or tape along the length works great too.


What about routing out some channels depending on the deck thickness and then epoxy the channels.

I was thinking about doing something like that though I probably wont just because I dont have a router and im also to lazy lol.

@saul thanks for that I might buy some and try it out!

make sure you get the right size, they expand but not by much. theres also lots of colors!

How about trying some plastic square tubing?